Old Québec and Grand Allée Est

Visitors to Old Québec soon see why UNESCO designated it a world heritage treasure! You'll love Château Frontenac (the world's most photographed hotel), the centuries-old architecture, and the historic sites.

The friendly atmosphere and affable locals add to the European charm. You'll find horse-drawn carriages, street entertainers, singers, and artists, particularly at Old Québec's own open-air art gallery, Rue du Trésor. 

Grande Allée  (A few steps from your Suite)

Grande Allée's popularity is nothing new. It was the neighborhood of choice for the upper class in the 19th century.  Even today, traces of the neighborhood's heyday still remain in its charming Victorian architecture.

As one of the city's main streets, Grande Allée also leads to a host of tourist attractions, including Old Québec. A string of great restaurants, appealing patios, and appetizing menus are all great reasons to stop by for something to eat. There are eateries, for all budgets and tastes.

Québec City Fortifications/Dufferin Terrace

The fortifications surrounding Old Québec measure nearly 4.6 km long. Walk along the top of these stone walls to learn about Québec City’s rich military past and its role in the defensive system under the French and English Regimes.

No matter where you stand on Dufferin Terrace, you’re rewarded with breathtaking views:  in summer and winter -the icebound St. Lawrence, Île d’Orléans all frosted with snow, and the city of Lévis and Québec City’s Lower Town beneath their mantel of white. The 671-metre-long wooden boardwalk is a popular year-round gathering place (in front of Château Frontenac and it continues into the Plains of Abraham) - the perfect spot for taking “selfies” or family photos.

Quartier Petit Champlain  (20 minutes walk).

Place where Samuel de Champlain settled in 1608. Learn about the cradle of French civilization in North America, visit the Musée de la place Royale and the oldest stone church on the continent (Notre-Dame-des-Victoires). As you stroll past historic buildings along cobblestone streets, enjoy the areas’ boutiques, art galleries, and restaurants. There's magic in the air, particularly over the Christmas holiday season. The oldest neighborhood in North America is also home to Musée de la civilisation, a bridge between the past and future with its modern design and fascinating exhibitions.

Église Notre-Dame-des-Victoires (church)

One of the oldest churches in North America, Notre-Dame-des-Victoires was built atop the ruins of Champlain's first outpost. After being severely damaged during the Siege of Québec, the church was rebuilt in 1763. The interior décor bears witness to Québec faith and history. A model of the Brézé, the ship commanded by the marquis of Tracy, can be seen inside the church. The church continues the tradition of blessing and handing out little buns on the feast day of its patron saint, St. Genevieve. 


Plains of Abraham (Your Suite is beside this beautiful National Park!)

The site of several battles between the French and British forces in 1759 and 1760, the Plains of Abraham is one of the world’s most prestigious city parks.

The Plains are perfect for all activities (walking, cycling, picnicking, cross-country skiing, and more) or simply meeting up with friends. It was here that hundreds of thousands of fans rocked to Paul McCartney and Céline Dion as part of Québec City's 400th anniversary celebrations, and it is here that Québec's national holiday is celebrated every June 24.


Joan of Arc Garden (Your Suite is beside this gorgeous park!)

Come and appreciate this jewel of the Battlefields Park in all its beauty! Created in 1938 by landscape architect Louis Perron, the garden has its own special style: rectangular in shape and built slightly below ground level, combining French classical style with the British-style beds. Visitors have an opportunity to admire over 150 species of annuals, bulbs and especially perennials.

In Summer, hundreds of varieties ornate the flowerbeds, beneath the majestic elms branches. In Fall, come and appreciate the warm colors of seasonal perennials and annuals. All October-long, Halloween decors await visitors, in the daytime and evening. Winter brings a magical with sparkling winter scenes from centuries past. 

Parliament of Quebec and Fountain of Tourny  (5 minutes walk)

An important historical site in Québec’s architect. Québec's National Assembly convenes here in the Parliament Building.  In front of the Parliament Building stands the beautiful Tourny Fountain, a gift in honour of Québec City’s 400th anniversary.  The gorgeous Fontaine de Tourny was awarded a gold medal at the Paris World Fair in 1855. Today, it stands as a legacy of Québec City's 400th anniversary celebrations, turning heads with its 43 jets, water-themed sculptures, and beautiful night time lighting.

Walk and Enjoy over 400 years of history in Québec City!
There is lots to see and create fond memories. Below are a few highlights near your Suites.
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